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echoicons's Journal

icons/moodthemes/screencaps by echoism
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This is the icon/graphics/goodies journal of echoism. Nothing else but that :). I make mainly icons, and occasionally moodthemes, wallpapers and headers.

» Please comment when you take something.

» Upload the graphics you take to your own server. Hotlinking makes me cry.

» No editing of any kind of graphic made by me.

» When using a graphic, credit is a must.

My graphics contain the following fandoms:

Supernatural. Grey's Anatomy. Bones. Veronica Mars. Gilmore Girls. Harry Potter. Marilyn Monroe. My Name Is Earl. Invasion. Tom Welling. Lost. Jake Gyllenhaal. Will & Grace. CSI. Michael Rosenbaum. Prison Break. Cold Case. Wentworth Miller. Invasion. CSI: Miami. Jensen Ackles. Scarlett Johansson. Smallville. King of Queens. Friends. The X-Files. Dead Like Me. Disney. House. Desperate Housewives. That 70's Show. 80's and 90's comedies. Oprah Winfrey.

Basic overrides are by letsbebad, modified by me.

Affiliates are here